About me

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled across my blog!

What you’re likely to find is a lot of snippets of writing that I have done; this is a sort of sketchbook of little pieces, some complete and some incomplete. I also expect to do some writing about books that I’ve read, since I read a lot! Other topics may make the odd appearance too.

Who am I, and What is in a name?

The short answer, is I am not Cecilia Marsden! This is a pseudonym (and one which is pretty easy to figure out for those who know me). Cecilia Marsden is also my Twitter and Pinterest name – feel free to follow or add me!

I am:

  • A married twentiesomething
  • A lifelong resident of Hampshire, England. I grew up on a farm so love to write about the countryside
  • Owner of the most magnificent cat. He’s called George and he’s ginger and excellent
  • An aspiring writer. I have a standard 9-5 office job at the moment, but I dream of being able to walk away from it and just write all day, every day

I reckon that will do for now.

I’m new to those whole blogging lark, so please leave (nice!) comments. Please don’t be mean – that’s not what the internet is for.


Cecilia X

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