Writing Summer School – Coming Soon!

I applied on a whim. I had purchased my first ever writing magazine and found therein an advert for Swanwick Summer Writing School. It sounded wonderful and when I went on the website it looked positively utopian– a whole, delicious week to bask in writing and meet other writing enthusiasts. The cost of attending the week was out of my reach, as my husband and I were saving to buy a house at the time (a purchase which, at the time of writing, has very nearly completed!) but I was thrilled to find that the school offers a scheme called ‘TopWrite’, where under 30s can apply for a heavily discounted place to attend the school. All I needed was a reference from a writing tutor, and a written statement to support my application form. My tutor provided me with a really positive, generous and encouraging reference and I wrote a statement about what writing means to me and the opportunity that Swanwick presented.

I sent off my application to Swanwick and kept it quiet – I didn’t expect to hear back. But when, a fortnight later, I received an email offering me a place on TopWrite, I was ecstatic.

Swanwick Summer School is only a few weeks away now and my excitement has not diminished. To my amusement, my excitement is now mingled with the start-of-term butterflies that were so familiar to me when I was at school – what if the others don’t like me? What if they think I’m weird? What if it’s too hard? Swanwick, I understand, has a reputation for being extremely friendly and supportive, so I’m sure my fears will be unfounded!

The programme is packed to the rafters with courses, talks and activities and I’m looking forward to meeting more people like me who love to write. I will, of course, write a blog post to review my week when I return.


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