Inside George’s Head – The Heatwave

I previously introduced you to George, our gorgeous and characterful ginger cat. In my writing class this week, we started with freewriting and I wrote the foundation of this piece, more as a joke than anything serious. Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this so decided to edit and finish it. I might turn this into an occasional … Continue reading Inside George’s Head – The Heatwave


A brief introduction to George the cat

Once upon a time, there was a little cat called George. Whilst I refer to him, for sake of argument, as a cat, anyone who has met him will not dispute that he is at least 50% human. He has more character than any other animal that I have met. In my last blog post, … Continue reading A brief introduction to George the cat

A Regret

It was only a passing connection. I stood on the traffic island, waiting to cross the road. The sun blazed down unrelentingly and it was blisteringly hot. I fidgeted in the heat, itching to cross the road to the shade on the other side as the cars streamed passed me through the river of the … Continue reading A Regret