My Day In Cups Of Tea

One of my favourite magazines is ‘The Simple Things’ and in each issue they have a feature called ‘My Day in Cups of Tea’, where somebody takes you through their day in (you guessed it…) cups of tea. Since I’m still getting started with this blog, I thought this might be a pretty good thing to do – we’re still at the ‘getting to know you’ stage, after all…

6:45am. My first cup of tea.

I tend to wake up each day at 6am if I’m going for a run, and 6:15 if I’m not. I get ready for work, then have breakfast. Breakfast always varies; I’m trying to curb my reliance on cereal at the moment so I have porridge, or avocado and a poached egg on toast, or peanut butter and a banana on toast. This is always accompanied by a glass of fruit juice and a mug of tea (I have a ‘Matilda’ mug with a Quentin Blake illustration on it – this is my preference for the morning). If I’m running late, the tea follows me around the house as I continue to get ready, this usually means that my husband finds abandoned mugs of almost-finished tea in silly places.

I take my tea with milk but no sugar, and I like it to be neither too weak nor too strong (60-90 second brew time is optimum).

8am. An optional second cup of tea if the weather is cold.

If it’s a frosty morning, then I take a cup of tea to the train station in a travel mug. My husband drops me off at the station and there’s usually a bit of a wait until the train comes; a mug of tea is essential to keep me warm whilst I wait on the bitterly cold train station platform, with icy wind whipping along the train line and penetrating your bones.

9am. Time for an interesting cup of tea.

There’s a task that I do each morning at work that has to be done as soon as I arrive and then checked by two of my managers before I can proceed with my day’s work. I arrive at work at 8:30 and start this task, and whilst my first manager is checking my work I make an exciting cup of tea – at the moment I have boxes of Pukka tea – vanilla chai and three cinnamon flavour – on my desk, and some Twinings spicy chai. I like these well brewed and with a small amount of honey.

10.15am. Coffee time!

I get pretty hungry mid-morning, so I’m usually ready for elevenses right about now. I’ve tried to break this habit and wait until lunch, but to no avail…

3pm. Afternoon tea.

One of my Polish friends once told me that, in Poland, everyone believes that everything in England grinds to a halt every day at 3pm so that we can all take afternoon tea. I just love this stereotype, especially since there is an element of truth in it! I’m wired to expect a cup of tea at 3pm.

6:30pm. Post-dinner tea

My last cup of tea of the day! I always have a big mug of tea after dinner. My mug of choice is my Emma Bridgewater cat mug. I like to enjoy my last cup very slowly and preferably with the company of a good book.

My favourite mugs

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