A Meercat Themed Micro-fiction

This was a little piece of micro-fiction that I wrote in class. Micro-fiction is a very short, stand-alone story. I wrote this with one of my nieces in mind; she is an otter fanatic, but much more sensible than Megan! Enjoy 🙂 X

Megan was a meercat fanatic. She had been pestering to go to the zoo for months and, with her ninth birthday approaching, her parents had finally relented,

“Yes, we can go to the zoo!” they wearily told an ecstatic Megan.

The birthday came and went, and the zoo were still appealing for the safe return of the missing meercat.

Megan’s parents, who had a policy of not entering Megan’s bedroom (“Children need their space!”), just thought that the hamster was making more noise than usual. And the meercat? Megan had named him Ralph and, although he didn’t like Megan dressing him up in her dolls’ clothes, it certainly was nice not to have to spend so much time posing on rocks.

“Besides,” Ralph reassured himself, “these tiny hats are quite fetching.”


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